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Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions set forth herein constitute the Terms of Use for the various services offered by MUSUVI INC (hereinafter referred to as MUSUVI) on this website, for the registration as buyer and seller, for the search based on desire criteria for buyers or sellers, for the provision of contact information of buyers and sellers and for all accompanying services. (Called SERVICE below) All users (referred to below as USER), regardless of whether they have chosen a paid or free account package, are bound by the terms and conditions set forth here when registering and using the MWTM service.

Article 1 (Application)

The Terms of Use listed here apply to all areas of the use of services offered - both between user and MUSUVI and between two users.

Article 2 (User registration)

  1. Everyone must register in compliance with the registration guidelines established by MUSUVI. The registration process is completed with the subsequent approval of MUSUVI.
  2. MUSUVI reserves the right not to approve registrations if any of the reasons listed below apply.
  • (1)If false information was/is entered in the registration application
  • (2)If a user violates the Terms of Use set forth herein
  • (3)Furthermore, if MUSUVI considers registration as inappropriate

Article 3 (Administration of user ID and password)

  1. The administration of the personal user ID and password are the responsibility of the user themselves
  2. Regardless of the circumstances a user can not pass on or lend its user ID/password to third parties. (The combination of user ID and password is linked to the related data submitted during registration, so a log-in of a particular user from MUSUVI is always identified as the primary user.)

Article 4 (user charges and payment methods)

  1. The usage fees and payment methods are set separately by MUSUVI and listed on our website in a fee schedule.(
  2. In the case of payment delays, we will discontinue our service to the respective user and release it only after the payment of the outstanding amount.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

Mentioned Below are acts not allowed when using our services:

  • (1)Violations of the legal guidelines of a country which is connected with the commercial transaction
  • (2)Acts related to crime
  • (3)Acts that damage or disrupt the functions of the server or network of MUSUVI
  • (4)Acts that present a risk to the service of MUSUVI
  • (5)Collecting and storing personal information of other users
  • (6)Using personal information of other users for purposes other than commercial transactions
  • (7)Acting as another user
  • (8)Other acts that MUSUVI considers inappropriate

Article 6 (Discontinuation of our service offer)

  1. If any of the following applies, MUSUVI reserves the right, without prior notice to the user, to suspend or discontinue the service at short notice.
    • (1)During maintenance or server updates
    • (2)If our service is rendered unworkable by earthquakes, thunderstorms, fires, power outages or natural disasters and other acts out of the control of the company
    • (3)When computers or interconnections are destroyed by an accident
    • (4)If other circumstances arise, on the basis of which MUSUVI decides that the service offer can not be maintained
  2. MUSUVI assumes no liability for damages incurred by the user or a third party as a result of discontinued or interrupted service, regardless of the reason

Article 7 (Disagreements amongst users)

Should there be disagreements or disputes among users, MUSUVI rejects any participation and does not guarantee commercial transactions.

Article 8 (Exclusion of warranty)

  1. MUSUVI does not warrant that any contracts or buyers found on this site will be contracted or complied with.
  2. MUSUVI gives no warranty whatsoever to the self-information provided by sellers and buyers on this website. (Numbers, dimensions, classifications, capacities etc.)
  3. Registering as a spoof user through Musuvi World Trade Mall is forbidden. However, we cannot guarantee that spoofing will not occur, and you agree that Musuvi, Inc. are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from it.

Article 9 (Restrictions on use and registration deletions)

  1. If any of the below occurs, MUSUVI reserves the right, without notifying the user, to limit the service or any part of it or delete the user's registration.
    • (1)In the event of a breach of any article listed in the terms and conditions
    • (2)If it is discovered that misinformation was used during registration
    • (3)If the account payment deadlines set by MUSUVI are not met
    • (4)If MUSUVI detects inappropriate user behavior
  2. MUSUVI rejects the liability for all damage caused to the user by acts of MUSUVI, if they are within the scope of the Terms and Conditions.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

  1. In the event that MUSUVI for any reason indemnifies, the payment amount ranges within ​​the usual occurring damage scope or the monthly fee of the paid service offer.
  2. MUSUVI accepts no liability for commercial transactions, contacts or conflicts between user and user, or user and third party within the scope of its service offer.

Article 11 (Changes to the service content, etc.)

MUSUVI reserves the right, without notifying the user in advance, to modify the service content. In the event that a particular service offer is discontinued, MUSUVI assumes no liability for the damage incurred to the user.

Article 12 (Changes to the terms and conditions)

MUSUVI reserves the right, if necessary, to modify the terms and conditions listed here without informing the users. If changes occur under the terms and conditions listed here, MUSUVI will automatically update these on the Terms and Conditions page below. As a result, MUSUVI fulfills its obligation to notify.

Article 13 (Notifications and contact)

MUSUVI determines the method of notification and contact between the user and MUSUVI.

Article 14 (Applicable Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. For the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions listed here, the Japanese law is applicable
  2. If a dispute arises when MUSUVI is fulfilling a service to the user, only the local court of MUSUVI's head office is responsible

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