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Red chilies, chickpea, peanut, sorghum, paddy, rice, maize.
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Anybody who are 30-39,40-49,over 50
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1 Full container
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Forwarder, Others
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The success of a company is largely determined by what and how it has planned for the future. The same is true for Subhadrabhagya Agro Private Limited, which has set for itself a vision that is 'To become a top company that well-understands Farmers & Consumers demands and delivers products which are cost-effective and beneficial to both Farmers & Consumers. To accomplish our vision, we are focusing largely on the wants of customers and sourcing supreme in quality Millets, Red Chilies, Rice and other food grains agro products by introducing new dimensions agriculture. We have tied-up with the farmers from different locations across India through contracts farming and also facilitating the cost-effective scientific methodologies in mass cultivation of the agriculture products. Currently, we are targeting on the below agriculture products and planning to expand the portfolio in the coming years ahead.
Red chilies, ground nuts/peanuts, sunflower seeds, jowar, foxtail millets, Ashwagandha roots, Bengal Gram, pearl millets, corn seeds - Dry
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