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Are you profound in honey? Have you ever heard of natural Kyrgyz honey? I guess you haven't yet. I recommend pure honey from the nature of Kyrgyzstan. If you are interested we may send you samples. We are able to export over 10 tons annually. Thank you so much.
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10 tons
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Japanese, English, Russian, Kyrgyz
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Kyrgyzstan, also known as the "beekeeping kingdom",

Kyrgyzstan is known to produce the best honey in the world, Xinhua reported.

Kyrgyzstans honey is medical royal jelly, bee pollen, bee bread

Director of the Union of Beekeepers of Kyrgyzstan, Emma Savitsky, said that last year the union got first place and took home five medals - three golds and two silvers - at the 43rd International Agricultural Congress in Kiev, Ukraine.

More than 140 countries participated in the gathering held by the World Federation of Beekeeping Associations.

The Kyrgyz beekeepers also won the Grand Prix of the World Beekeeping Award for high quality products which are dubbed eco-friendly and unique.

Honey and its derivatives in Kyrgyzstan have several dozen varieties depending on the region.

The difference is not only in the taste, but also their medicinal properties, Savitsky added..

Almost 90 percent of products are exported to countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, China and those in the Arab world.
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