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Company / business name
Ranre International (Pvt) Ltd
Contact Person
Akila Gayathra
Sri Lanka
Main product category
Detailed product description
"Ceylon Premium Quality Black and Green Teas" are our key products. and also for the flavored tea lovers we have a range of flavored teas as well.
for example - Masala Tea, Strawberry, Mint, Soursop, Peach & Passion fruit, Mixed Fruit ect:

and our Range of Organic Coconut and Spices are famous and fast moving because of the uniqueness and the quality. we do export a huge proportion from our production to many Europe countries.
Exclusive sale
Target Group
men and women over 20 years old
Minimum order quantity (total in $ or quantity)
Tea - $ 1,000 / Organic Spices - $ 1,000 / Organic Coconut Products - $ 2,500
Transportation method
EMS, Forwarder, DHL, UPS
Payment conditions
100% TT advance payment
Supported languages
English, Sinhala
Your selling points
Premium Quality Pure Ceylon Tea Products are famous in almost every country in the world. for the tea lovers we have introduced a new range of teas with flavor. we have Masala, Strawberry, Mint, Soursop, Peach & Passion, Mixed fruit ect:
for the people who are in love with Cooking we have introduced a range of organic Spices and Organic Coconut Products. coriander powder, Moringa powder, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, curry leaves, organic Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, White coconut oil are few of our unique products.

and our prices are negotiable and attractive, and quality guaranteed...
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