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NPN Textile Sources
Contact Person
Nazli Ege
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We are professional at textile supplies and accessories. We give full service for apparel manufacturers and wholesalers. We give sourcing and manufacturing services for our clients. We offer to cut overall expenditure for revenue growth by giving professional sourcing and manufacturing services in Turkey.
We also give agency and liaison office services for brands in Turkey. we act as country managers or branch office for our clients and organize all operation and activities in Turkey.
We manufacture and source; Buttons, Rivets, Buckles, Snap Fasteners, Fabrics, Threads, Yarns, Zippers, all type of labels, Stone, Rhinestone, pearl attaching, Stitching services, logo and custom design of trimmings, knitting, embroidery, knitting, lace, and sequins.
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Forwarder, DHL, UPS, TNT
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English, Turkish
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Turkey has the advantage of valuable craftsmanship, quality and competitive costs and textile and textile products. We manufacture your requests or give purchasing service for your requests, make quality control, packing, customs operations, and logistics according to your requests and criteria.
We serve to eliminate unwanted situations and surprises. we add value to your business by reducing costs and assuring service level. We give full sourcing services in the Textile sector.
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