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Company / business name
Contact Person
Haruo Yamashita
Main product category
General merchandise
Detailed product description
It is a traditional Japanese accessory. The name is called "KUMIHIMO (braid)"
In Japan it is used as a small item when festivals and kimono are worn or attached as a strap on a cell phone.
Even in the world little by little popularity has come out and exports from Japan are getting excited little by little, but it is still a product that is going forward and developing from now on.
Exclusive sale
Target Group
Minimum order quantity (total in $ or quantity)
$ 1000
Transportation method
Payment conditions
Bank transfer prepayment
Supported languages
Your selling points
We manufacture all by one point by hand.
Since there is no machine process at all, the same product is not exactly, all become ONLY ONE product.
Similar items are circulating in manufacturing outside Japan, but I think that you can be surprised by the difference in quality if you can take it in your hands.
However, due to the reasons above, in case of mass production, please be forewarned that time will be charged for creation.
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