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Daniela Sideris
Main product category
Detailed product description
1. Tuna range – DI ALBA brand
- Our Tuna products are with very high quality and our product has been granted a Superior Taste Award with 2 Golden Stars.
- We work with Thunnus albacares (yellowfin) tuna and Skipjack tuna, we use only 100% pure sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil.
- Also our new products with transparent easy peel lid are a complete innovation for the tuna cans and we are proud to present and produce these products on the market.

Our Tuna range includes:
Tuna fillets (Duo packs and Three packs) - 160gr / 100gr
Tuna fillets in glass jars - 200gr
Tuna flakes - 160gr
Light shredded tuna - 160gr / 185gr
Tuna salads with vegetables - 160gr
Tuna pate/spread - 100gr

2. Mackerel range – DIAVENA brand
- Our product "Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce" has received 1 Golden Star by the Superior Taste Awards.
- We have many developed recipes for delicious sauces to enhance the rich flavor of the Mackerel products.
- Our latest innovation is the Mackerel fillets in club can 115/125gr with transparent easy peel lid.

Our Mackerel range includes:
Mackerel steaks- 160/240/310/330gr
Mackerel fillets - 115/125 gr , 170/180gr
Mackerel salads with vegetables - 115/125 gr , 170/180gr
Whole Mackerel- 425 gr

3. Sprats and Herring range – DIAVENA brand
- We produce sprats and herring products in all types and sizes:
115/125 gr
170/180gr and etc

- We have also made innovation for the sprats as we have started the production of sprats in club can 115/125gr with transparent easy peel lid.

4. Salmon range - We have developed salmon products as follows:
Salmon fillets
Salmon salads with vegetables
Salmon pate/spread
Exclusive sale
Target Group
men and women over 20 years old
Minimum order quantity (total in $ or quantity)
Example - For Can 84x38 "Transparent lid" 160g. - 90 000 pcs (Tuna)
Transportation method
Payment conditions
We usually work with advance payments. With order placement- 50% in advance
Supported languages
English, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian
Your selling points
Our company Diavena LTD :
• Was established in 1989 and it is certificated under ISO, HACCP, IFS.
• We are proud with the excellent taste and quality of our products, which won many prestigious awards.
• Diavena Ltd. produces under its own brands and under private labels.
• The Company is specialized in manufacturing products from various types of fish: mackerel, tuna, sprat, herring, sardines, etc.
• We also have meat products, ready meals and fish/meat pates.

We have experience in handling big contracts for many of our customers, which means we're ready to respond quickly and efciently to any product demand.
For full information about our company please visit our website
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