Welcome to Musuvi World Trade Mall! This is a portal site for directly exporting and importing information, distributors and retailers all over the world, online shops and your company. It is a Maker who exports and imports Second hand goods in Japan. Please feel free to contact us.

Company / business name
Contact Person
Main product category
Second hand goods
Detailed product description
Nice to meet you, we deal in old clothes. We handle a wide range of kids, mens, ladies', bags, shoes etc.
Exclusive sale
Target Group
men and women over 20 years old
Minimum order quantity (total in $ or quantity)
Transportation method
EMS, Forwarder, DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, Others
Payment conditions
Supported languages
Japanese, English
Your selling points
It can be exported after sorting and inspection according to climate, request and demand of purchasing country. We export experience has in Taiwan. 20 or 40 ft container FCL or LCL consolidated cargo flights, Yu-pack with small lot.
Transportation conditions will be FOB.
The country that wants export is the whole world.
Nearby port ports will be Moji, Hiroshima, Tokuyama.
I will send packing form in a flexible container bag.
It is possible to load 14 tons to 15 tons into a 40 ft HQ container.
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