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Company / business name
Ace Food Japan Co, Ltd.
Contact Person
Keikichi Kuriyama
Main product category
General merchandise, Machinery, Low price goods
Detailed product description
A、"Water saving king" : Patent request submitted. 20% or more reduction of tap water consumption
There is a big effect in the washing place and floor washing of the kitchen and there is also a big effect in the shower at home.

B、"Adudeko" : Save over 40% of flyer oil consumption. Proven in mid-sized supermarket backyard. Many small shops adopted too.

C、"Master of supply water" : It is intended for kitchen gardens, vegetable farm etc. It is an innovative tool to return the evaporated condensate after watering to the ground. This will eliminate the water supply failure and the shortage of water supply during the trip. This product is for business use.
Business use price is the below.
1000 units ¥48
 2000 units ¥43
 5000 units ¥38
Exclusive sale
Target Group
men and women over 20 years old
Minimum order quantity (total in $ or quantity)
¥50,000 more
Transportation method
Forwarder, Others
Payment conditions
Transfer of "Doll" or "Yen"
Supported languages
English, Japanese
Your selling points
We established a company with a focus on developing new products with the goal of shortage of drinking water, food shortages, global warming solution, etc.
We are promoting related products other than listed items.
The cooperation of the sales company is essential in managing as a manufacturer.
I would like cooperation by all means.
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