On this page we have compiled questions that we constantly receive from our users.
This FAQ is designed to help you navigate better through our trading platform.Please consult it before you use the chat or mail function to get in touch with us.


Q.What is the MUSUVI World Trade Mall?

A.The MUSUVI World Trade Mall is a virtual online expo and multilingual trading platform at the same time. Our revolutionary service concept makes importing and exporting easier than ever before. We connect manufacturers and buyers around the world. Imagine the MUSUVI World Trade Mall as your personal, digital interface to the world's only trade show exhibition, open 24/7, accessible from any point in the world with a single mouse click.

Q.What services does the MUSUVI World Trade Mall offer sellers?

A.The MUSUVI World Trade Mall's service offering helps you enter new markets and create new sales channels worldwide. On our online platform, product manufacturers can register their company profile and product portfolio - thereby becoming an exhibitor on the virtual exhibition floor of the MUSUVI World Trade Mall.
The submitted information will be included in our databases and can be accessed on the Maker overview page via a search function by importers from all over the world. With our multilingual user interface, built-in chat support function and our interpreter service, even inexperienced exporters are able to enter the international trading business and buy products that were previously unattainable. By using the MUSUVI World Trade Mall, you can increase your customer base and open up new markets. If there are any communication problems between you and the customer, we will gladly assist you with our interpreter / translator service and ensure a smooth business process.

Q.What services does the MUSUVI World Trade Mall offer buyers?

A.The services offered by the MUSUVI World Trade Mall enables you to find exporters of your desired products worldwide. In addition, we accompany your import business on request from the first contact of the manufacturer to the arrival of the goods in your warehouse. Our online platform gives you free access to a worldwide, cross-product search. Find the exporter of your choice and contact him directly via a built-in contact function. If you have any questions about the import process and other questions, we have prepared a contact form for you and integrated a chat support function into our website. We also offer a chargeable interpreter / translator service if there is a communication problem communicating with your business partner.

Q.I have never exported or imported - how do I use the free MUSUVI World Trade Mall support service?

A.Choose the right account package for your needs and start immediately! Consult our service team either through the built-in chat feature or via the traditional CONTACT FORMWe look forward to your inquiry!

Q.Is MUSUVI World Trade Mall's free support service multilingual?

A.Yes, we currently support the following languages ​​for the chat: Japanese, English and Vietnamese. On the phone we advise you in Japanese, English and Vietnamese.

Q.What are the opening hours?

A.Office hours of our company are from 10am to 6pm.The MUSUVI World Trade Mall is open 24/7.

Q.My English is not business proof - can I still regsiter?

A.Absolutely. In that case please use one of our chargeable account packages that include a translation and interpretation service. For more details click the following HERE

Q.There was a problem with a transaction with a trading partner I found at MWTM. does MWTM offer a placement service?

A.The MWTM is a service platform to connect buyers and sellers. Please understand that we can not intervene in disputes or accept guarantees for damages incurred.Further information can be found in our terms of use.

Q.Is there an opportunity to make an appointment and learn more about the services in a personal meeting on site?

A.We are happy to make an appointment with you on site in our company premises in Osaka, Japan.

Q.What is the difference between the MUSUVI INC services (www.musubi-jp.com) and the MUSUVI World Trade Mall? (www.musubi-wtm.com)

A.The service we offer on musubi-jp.com is an export of Japanese goods only. On the MWTM we connect makers and buyers of the whole world.

Q.I don’t know how to make shipping documents for international trading. Would you make the shipping documents for us?

A.You may refer to the Useful links page we prepared for you. Please contact the appropriate organisations for your country and ask for details.
Please also have a look on our TRADING KNOWLEDGE page,too.


Q.How much does the use of the MWTM cost?

A.Please take a look at our package overview HERE.

Q.Can I use the MWTM for free as well?

A.We offer free packages for sellers and buyers. Please click this LINK.

Q.When are fee drawn from my credit card?

A.On the 1st of each month.

Q.After the company registration there was a long delay with the profile publishing. Will the paid monthly fees be refunded?

A.For periods in which your company profile was not published, no fees will be charged. Should the examination of your registration and thus also the publication be delayed, an already debited amount will be refunded.

Q.If there are server issues on the MWTM and our company profile is not available, will the monthly fees be refunded?

A.As stated in our Terms of Use,paid monthly fees will not be refunded in the event of a momentary server interruption.

FAQ3.Account creation and cancellation

Q.Who requirements are there to register at the MUSUVI World Trade Mall?

A.There are no minimum requirements. All companies and private persons who want to export and import can register.

Q.Can I delete my account via phone or chat?

A.For security reasons it is only possible to delete your account with the “cancel account” form while you are logged in. Information about how to cancel your account can however obtained via phone and chat.

FAQ4.Live chat

Q.Why can’t I get an answer in the chat?

A.Our service team handles all chat requests in order. Please understand that delays may occur with many concurrent requests. Our office is open weekdays from 10am to 6pm. Please use the chat function during these times.

FAQ5.Trade fair booth

Q.On the manufacturer overview too many manufacturers are displayed - it is very confusing

A.Please use the filter function to reduce the number of search results.

Q.Our company page (trading fair booth) is not displayed on top. What can I do?

A.You can upgrade your account to premium or professional to get a higher priority.Please click HERE.

Q.I want to be more visible than competing companies in my industry - is that possible?

A.To be shown with priority on top please upgrade your seller plan to premium or professional.

Q.Our company offers a wide range of products - what is the maximum number of products we can publish with an account?

A.You can currently publish a maximum of 50 products at a time with our professional plan. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask you to choose the 50 most important products to publish.

Q.I run several companies - is it possible to register several companies with one account?

A.Only one company can be registered per account. If you register several companies, please create a separate account for each company.

Q.How many major product categories can I register?

A.The number that can be registered depends on the plan to be registered.Free plan can one, Premium plans can 3, Professional plan can register unlimited.


Q.Is there a buyer overview page to search for buyers? Do suppliers wait for contact by buyers?

A.Yes, there are. Please click here. it is possible to disclose email address and name for buyer (however only for buyer who allowed information disclosure in advance). Also, if you register for a paying plan, you can also use the matching bulletin board service.