About us

What is MUSUVI?

Musuvi (Musubi) means “to connect” in Japanese.

We carry on our business to make everything “Easier and Faster more than ever” as our motto.
We provide our customers with easy solutions for business relations that were hard to connect, goods that were hard to find and trade deals that were troublesome.


Our office is located in Osaka, Japan.

As our base is Japan, to contact and negotiate with Japanese companies are very easy.

This service is to support for accessing to the world, and we are particularly good at entering Japanese market.
Since our employees are multinational we also offer multi lingual telephone, mail and chat support. Besides Japanese our staff speaks English, Chinese, German and Vietnamese.

World development is made by people

Now, a lot of things have become usual that we could not imagine few decades ago.
It is an ordinary thing to use cell phones and computers but how was in the past?
We also can go for eating any countries foods straightaway whenever we feel hungry.

The origin that has been supporting the world’s development is the connection between multicultural people.

Like cell phones and other electronic devices, they were not inventions that one person in one country invested but growth with being inspired from thoughts and techniques all over the world.
We can eat our favorite countries food in whatever country we are. This development is thanks to the passion of people to share their local cuisine with other people.

More encounters to the trades in the world

Encounters between people and enterprises are necessary to make world develop.
All stuffs that became popular now have their untold stories how they came through miracle encounters.
Please use our service to make your own success story.

You will become the leading role in this story.

We believe that you are confident that your services and products are the most outstanding in the world.
Also, there are a lot of buyers searching for exact items but still have not found or met items as desired.
Our website offers a service to provide an encounter.
We don`t charge commission or other fees – you can start immediately to establish direct business relationships with the company of your choice.

As we are always opened for you, please contact us whenever you need.

Company Name
Musuvi Inc.
Head Office
1-25-10 Utajima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 5550021 Japan
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Shota Mizuguchi
Our Main Bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.