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What is the Musuvi World Trade Mall?

The Japanese word musubi means connect in English. Inspired by our two concepts.
「Connect the world easier than ever before」
「Export and Import easier than ever before」
we have designed an import and export online expo, a virtual platform in the spirit of a global trade fair where sellers and buyers from all over the world gather up and do business.

From now on you can save the effort and expense of traveling to distant trade fairs in other countries. A single mouse click is enough to get in touch with the seller or buyer of your choice.

By creating a MUSUVI WORLD TRADE MALL seller account, you can easily and professionally present your product range around the world. It has never been easier to attract the attention of so many potential customers at the same time.

By creating a MUSUVI WORLD TRADE MALL buyer account you have access to a broad database of Japanese and worldwide product assortments.

FOR SELLERSYou are a maker, distributor or trading company?You are planning to start exporting?You are considering expanding your export business?

We help you connecting your business worldwide

This website acts as a digital interface to connect your business with distributors, retail stores and online stores from around the world.

Join our online platform now and get access to a global network of B2B customers who are looking for products like yours. We help those buyers to get in touch with you.

Instead of traveling to far away trade fairs you can easily present your business and products to the world on our platform.

Enter the Japanese market now

The Japanese market is different from many other markets in that the majority of Japanese people have extreme difficulties with the English language. As a result there are a still a lot of companies that don't employ English speaking staff. Those companies as well have a keen interest in importing products from foreign markets but do not have the necessary communication skills.

This means there is a big potential for expanding your business to Japan. Our website will serve you as the foothold of your expansion into the Japanese market.

Our business location in the economic metropolis of Osaka in Western Japan as well as our many years of import and export experience are a guarantee factor for your success in this difficult market.

Live chat application

Another feature of our web service is an implemented, free to use chat function that allows buyers to contact us with open questions. With the support of our consulting staff, inexperienced buyers are being ferried through difficult parts of the trading business - helping your business transactions complete faster.

Export easier than ever

Are you thinking about exporting? Then you have certainly worried about language barriers or the lengthy search for potential customers. All these problems are a thing of the past with our web service!

All over the world there a still a lot of potential buyers who are looking for products to import and sell in their own country. There are many among these buyers who do not know

- how to look for exporters
- how to establish business relations with an exporter
- what products there are in the world


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FOR BUYERSYou are a distributor, trading company, retail or online store?You are considering starting importing?You are considering expanding your import business?


This website is a digital interface to connect exporters and importers. Our maker and product database contains data sets from all over the world. With an implemented, easy-to-use search function, you have full access to this data and can contact the seller of your choice directly and for free. Another extra is the built-in chat function. This will allow you to contact our support team to clarify questions about our web service and all exporting and importing issues. We'll be happy to help and advise you on your planned trading business.

  • What kinds of products are available in the world?
  • There are endless makers in the world – how can I know which one is the most suitable for my business?
  • I want to compare the products of various makers!
  • At the moment I am buying from an import trading company; however we want to get better prices!
  • We want to purchase and sell goods which nobody is selling in our country yet!
  • We want to launch our own trend!

This website is made for people with thoughts as above. We can solve all your worries and troubles concerning import!

Connecting the world easier


There are plenty of fantastic products in the world that have the potential to bring a new trend to life - but no one yet sells these products in your country. These products with trend potential - no one sells them - still!

In other words, the likelihood is very high that no one has yet become aware of these products. Don’t you think that this is a unique opportunity to import these products and sell them in your retail store - or even become wholesaler?

In our database are such potent products and just waiting to be discovered by you. If you have further questions, please use the chat function at any time - we'll help you immediately! In addition, even with large purchases, you have the option of acquiring exclusive sales rights for a particular product - in this way you become an authorized distributor with sole sales rights in your country.

Businesses that have failed in the past due to high hurdles or other difficulties can be effortlessly completed with our service!

Quality problems are a thing of the past

If you want to convince yourself of the quality before buying a product, just make sure that the manufacturer of your choice offers the option "send sample". Especially if you plan to buy a large quantity, this approach is recommended. Even in the event that your desired product is offered by several manufacturers and you cannot see any quality differences from the images, it is ideal to have free samples sent.

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